Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Popovo lake, Pirin 2019

This year we are enjoying an absolutely amazing weather in October and our family is trying to make the best of it. This past weekend we booked a night at Bezbog hut in Pirin and went hiking for two days in one of the most beautiful mountains in the country.

: Bezbog hut with the lake Bezbog in front

: Peak Djangal and first glimpse of Popovo lake

: Popovo lake - one of the biggest mountain lakes I've been to and certainly one of the most beautiful

: We chose this spot for our picnic area, where we chilled out for two hours

: When the sun began going down behind the high peaks around, we decided to make a full round of the lake

: And down by the river back to Bezbog

: Ribnoto (Fish) lake

: Bezbog in the warm glow of the sunset

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  1. This was the loveliest hike you've done with those views.