сряда, 7 февруари 2018 г.

Denim Socks

I finished the denim socks for my husband. They are my favourite kind of socks - vanilla socks with self-striping yarn. I love the repetitiveness and mindlessness of knitting vanilla socks and though I do add a cable here and there in my socks, I'm still not tempted by super complicated and textured socks - that kind of knitting I reserve for sweaters and shawls.

Pattern: Vanilla socks with FLKH, 64 sts
Yarn: Alize Superwash, 70 g, self dyed
Needle: 2.5 mm

As I mentioned in my previous post about the yarn, I forgot to take into account the number of stripes (that is the number of strands I had wound the yarn into) and out of two choices - even or uneven, they turned uneven. So I decided to use all of the yarn and to make the cuffs different - they would never be visible anyway and husband doesn't care about the sameness of his socks that much.

Ever since I bought the Fish Lips Kiss Heel last year this has been my most favourite kind of heel - it's easy and makes for the perfect heels for me. Lately I've been binge watching DunkelGrun's podcast - I love it and I've already seen all of the 17 episodes. In one of them Anna mentioned that in Switzerland sock yarn is sold together with a roll of thin reinforcement cotton thread for the heels and toes. So next time I knit socks I plan to buy and add some matching cotton thread to check this method.

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