Monday, May 11, 2015

Phone Case in Jeans and Orange

Alex's phone case was rather worn out, so yesterday I made him a new one. I followed my own photo tutorial (that's why I love it when I keep notes of things I do :)

1. Measure the phone, cut the pieces as calculated in the tut, iron the fusible. Make the flap.

2. Sew the bottom piece to the front piece and the pocket.

3. Make a holder and sew it firmly to the back.

4. Add the zipper for the inner money pocket:

5. Add the inner money pocket:

6. Sew the back to the other side of the bottom piece:

7. Close one of the edges and add the lining. Do not forget the flap:

8. Close the second edge. Fix the inner money pocket in the opposite end, so it won't gather and pucker. Turn the case, close the lining.

9. Place the lining inside the case and sew along the edge.

The case is a compact purse for a phone, small amounts of money, school identity card, transportation card and keys.

Of all the phone cases I've sewn so far I like this one best. Gaby's phone case is also quite worn out, next I'll have to make a new one for her too.

And I finished my Jirachi cardigan, it's been even worn once. I'll have to organize a decent modeled photo session soon.

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