Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cherna Gora Mountain

Just a few photos from our Sunday hike in the Cherna Gora mountain, a low mountain in the western Kraishte area. We drove to the village of Gigintzi and then hiked the macadam road to the Giginski Monastery, which has seen much reconstruction and rennovation in the recent years. After a short stop at the monastery to refill our water supplies we continued our hike along the dirt roads, crossing the mountain, and climbed a few peaks there. We planned to climb mount Tumba (1129 m), the highest peak of Cherna Gora, but not having a GPS track we are not sure if we actually did  - there were no signs or track markings anywhere. Alas, the pictures fail to show how green and fresh the hills felt in the height of spring. On our way back it even rained for a short while and the warm spring rain filled our lungs with the smell of earth, grass and trees in bloom. Spring is the best season for hill hikes!


  1. Манастирът е красив, добре поддържан - едно приятно място за разглеждане и кратък отдих.

  2. The monastery has great buildings. Their architecture is interesting.