Thursday, November 14, 2013

WIP - Currant Cardigan

While waiting for the rainy days to end and my camera to come back from the repair shop - just a few phone snaps (hence the quality ☻) of my new work in progress - the intricately cabled Currant Cardigan from the spring issue of Interweave Knits. I'm knitting the smallest size on 4 mm needles and I've additionally reduced the stitches wherever possible to make it fit my skinny daughter. Instead of changing the needle size I'm fitting the cardigan as usual with decreases and increases at the side seams. So far it's a very enjoyable process and the color - light coral, is one of Gaby's favourites.

The cardigan has been designed without ribbing, the idea being to make it look like cut from a textured fabric. Initially I played with the idea to add the ribbing, but then decided that I like it as designed. My only modification (so far ☺) is that I used provisional cast on with a scrap yarn and after I've finished and sewed together the cardigan, I intend to border it from all sides with I-cord.


  1. That is a pretty color. The cables look lovely.

  2. Beautiful pattern :) And the colour is lovely

  3. Как красиво!!!и цвет такой здоровский!!!