Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Pattern: Obsession by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Alize Bamboo Fine 100% bamboo (130 g) and YarnArt Violet 100% cotton (90 g),
held together (approx. 580 m)
Needle: 3 mm edges and neckline, 3.5 mm body
Crochet cast on, hook 3.5 mm
Time to knit: 9 days

I hadn't knit yellow for ages. Because of the yellowish tint of my skin tan I've always thought that yellow was not my color, but now I'm reconsidering. The mustard bamboo and sunflower cotton for this little blouse combined in a lovely old gold color, that I instantly fell in love with. There's going to be more yellow knitting in the future. In fact, because of my overstashing, I've got enough yarn for a little shrug for my daughter, which I want to design myself (because shrugs are no-brainer :)))

The pattern is a classic Kim Hargreaves - easy elegance. However, I chose to knit it with bigger needles and seamlessly, so I had to rewrite every bit of it. And given my preference for purling, I also reversed it, so that I would purl rather than knit most of the rows. The blouse is stretchy and with enough positive ease, so that I can put it on and off without unbuttoning the 9 buttons.

The pictures were taken yesterday in the afternoon by my daughter. My little photographer was so enthused and took so many pictures here and there in the park, that I just couldn't choose fewer. My favourite series - among the dandelions :)))

The weather was warm, but quite windy and with a promise of rain, thankfully the wind blew away the rainy clouds.

And in tone with this posting - one of my most favourite bands with a favourite song - 
Coldpay and Yellow:


  1. Тебе к лицу жёлтый цвет!!!
    кофточка получилась замечательная!!!

  2. Началото на пролетта е и с нетърпение очакваме топлите слънчеви дни.Блузата, с жълтия си златист цвят, създава усещане за пролетно, слънчево настроение.

  3. You make the most gorgeous tops, and your photos are all amazing!

  4. Very springy and lovely. Love the simple repeat!

  5. So great for the spring! I love the colour!

  6. yellow is a hard color for a lot of people to wear..but if suits you and it looks perfect..lovely park!

  7. Great top! And the photo shoot in the dandelions is inspired!

  8. Beautiful. Yellow by Coldplay is also one of my favourites.

  9. This is a very cute little cardigan, and yellow looks so nice on you. The photos are gorgeous too :)