Monday, May 23, 2011

Boyana Waterfall

Today we went to the Boyana Waterfall (height 15 m ) - a 4 hour walk through the woods up and down the mountain with a delicious picnic on the grass. Vitosha mountain is so-o-o beautiful in May. The woods looked like some rain forests from a Lara Croft adventure. I don't know why, but I find green grass, moss and forest flowers and trees absolutely fascinating. I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures all the time.
On the way back from the waterfall we decided to take our adventure to the extreme and to climb down the steep path along the riverbed. It was STEEP!, muddy, slippery and a thunderstorm accompanied us all the way down - luckily just thunders, no rain. The children are big fans of Bear Grill's Ultimate Survival and we joked that this was a sort of a first hand experience, though so close to the big city and civilization :)

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